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“StOp,sToP! is an energy-fuelled „Metal & Roll“ band, categorized as one of the most exciting and entertaining live bands around.
After touring all over the world, emerging from the dirtiest rock clubs to perform the coolest festivals, StOp,sToP! crashes into 2019 with a new tour and a brand new album.

The wild adventures of Jacob A.M, band leader, bassist and singer, is real film material. The search for the right band members took him everywhere; from street musician in Barcelona and Milan, to living in a van on LA’s Sunset Boulevard. Surprisingly, it was only once he had returned to Barcelona that Jacob finally found it lucky.

In 2007 StOp,sToP! was born and after a few line-up changes, the band’s debut album, ‘Unlimited’, was crafted and finally released in January 2010. In 2011 after frustration of nothing happening in Spain for them, the singer moved with his band mates from Barcelona to the U.K. to find a better future. They had $25 between them, lived in cars, the street, vans…they busked as street performers until they finally got pub gigs. They persisted, finally got a house to live and grow as a band, investing every penny into the band along the way.

Once all settled down in Birmingham/U.K., the second album, ‘Join the Party’, was released on April 17th, 2014. A record deal with the German label Metalapolis Records followed with UK gigs taking place every weekend, tours throughout Europe and also playing at some of the most important international festivals like Rocklahoma – U.S.A , The Ice Rock Festival – Switzerland, SleazeFest –Germany, HEAT Festival – Germany, The Godney Gathering – U.K., Hard Rock Hell – U.K., Legends of Rock – U.K… Another album, ‚Barceloningham‘, came out on 7th October, 2016 with the same label, a label who did ZERO for them to get exposure. Not happy about it and after a long fight, in 2018 StOp,sToP! finally took back control of their music and videos and went independent again. Soon after that they started the recording of their 4th studio work ‚Get Selfied‘ which was released in April this year.

With their new album’s single ‚The Last Call‘ being air played on major radio stations like ‚Planet Rock‘, ‚Kerrang‘ and ‚BBC Radio‘, StOp,sToP! proofs how far they can go!

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